Jean Shaw Interviews Gary Chappelle about Online Success

Online Success?

Jean ShawI had the pleasure of meeting Jean Shaw in San Antonio when Tissa Godavitarne and myself attended the GVO Seminar back in 2010. She asked if she could interview me after we returned home about my experiences with my online success and although I was honored that she even considered me, I was somewhat surprised. There were a lot of “big time” internet marketers there in San Antonio. A LOT more successful than me! But I guess that was the point.

Jean didn’t necessarily want to talk with just the big guys, but wanted to discuss how a regular “Joe” like me started out and perhaps give some insights to my internet journey.

The truth is I’m no Tissa Godavitarne, Joel Therien, or Frank Sousa.

At least not yet!

It truly is a journey, a process, a step-by-step adventure to online success.

What Is Online Success?

Of course “online success’ is determined by every individual and what goals they set for themselves. It isn’t always defined by money. For instance, someone could have a message they want to get out there to the public, and online success could be determined by how many subscribers they get to their blog. A non-profit organization or a church could define online success by how many people they get to show up at an event. Or a politician by how many voters show up at a town hall meeting.

Setting Your Goals for Online Success

In the interview, we talk about setting goals and taking baby steps to reach them. If you are trying to earn your first dollar online, then set that as your goal. And work hard to achieve it. Then set your goal at $25, then $100.

One of my favorite techniques is to ask people to visualize themselves earning enough money each month to pay a bill and see themselves paying it with the money they’ve earned online, whether it’s the electric bill, a car payment, or the rent or mortgage payment.

We also discussed briefly the influences I had in my life when I grew up and there is no doubt that “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a big factor in determining who I am today. And I recall him talking about visualizing your success, because a thought is a thing. And if you give your mind a concrete thing to ponder it will seek out ways, even in your sleep, for you to achieve it. “Believe it, and you can achieve it”.

That’s why setting a definite goal is so important.

Just saying to yourself “I want to make a bunch of money”, for example, is not enough of a concrete goal for your mind to grasp and act upon. It’s too broad. Too undefined.

But if you tell it, “I want to make enough each month to pay my car payment”, then it has something it can wrap it’s brain cells around and act on to achieve positive results.

Your mind will then begin to produce various ideas for you to reach your goal, and then it’s up to YOU to act upon those ideas.

Unfortunately, that is where most people FAIL. Instead of acting on their ideas, they sit back just hoping that their ideas will come to fruition without hard work. It isn’t going to happen.

Online success doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes a plan, hard work, and persistence. And the only people who fail are the ones who quit.

You can listen to the entire interview here: Jean Shaw Interview. (It might take awhile to load depending on your internet connection. Please be patient). I hope you enjoy it and hope it provides some valuable information. If you like this post I would appreciate you leaving a comment below and sharing it with others by clicking on the social networks below. Thanks much!

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Gary Chappelle is an Internet and Network Marketer, and Trainer who owns and runs many websites, and is the President of Comsult Corporation, an internet marketing company in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He is also the Affiliate Manager at ACME People Search, an affiliate business platform owned by Tissa Godavitarne of Herndon, Virginia. Gary teaches others how to start a home-based business and earn money online. He is also considered by many as one of the leading SEO experts in the business and his expertise is often in demand. You can read his blog about making money online at

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