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Free Lightyear Wireless ServiceIt’s funny really…

I had seen several emails that had rolled into my inbox about Lightyear Wireless before I actually had taken a look at the business. That happens quite often. I get so many offers about new businesses and products that sometimes I tune them out and don’t even give them a chance. And they may be perfectly good businesses.

I’m pretty sure that the reason I finally took a look at one of the Lightyear Wireless emails is because I own a cell phone. I mean, who doesn’t, right? There are actually more cell phones sold in the United States than there are people. So I knew that the cell phone business was HUGE and there was a lot of opportunity there.

In comparison, let’s briefly look at some other well-known network marketing businesses:

Nutritional: Only approximately 60% of the U.S. population takes vitamins every day. That means 40% of the population is not interested or will not buy products in the nutritional field.

Travel: Only approximately 40% of the U.S. population travels on a regular basis. That leaves 60% of the population who won’t be interested in the travel business or purchase travel related items.

However, everybody that I know has a cell phone, from children to adults. And people feel lost when they don’t have their cell phone. I mean, think about it… Have you ever left the house without your cell phone? What did you do?

So cellular is a tremendously popular product in high demand. And it’s only going to get bigger. Only 50% of U.S. cell phone users own a smartphone and that number is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. So the timing couldn’t be better to get into the wireless industry.

Our Lightyear Wireless Mission

Our Lightyear Wireless Mission is to help people save money and make money on their cellular bill.

Let me give you a real life example…ME!

I was paying $110 a month with my previous wireless carrier for UNLIMITED Talk, Text, and Web.

I could get the exact same service with Lightyear Wireless for just $59.99 a month. But I had to buy a phone from Lightyear, just like anyone does when they switch carriers. Usually, the other carriers will subsidize the purchase of your phone so you might get a phone for free, or at a discounted price. Sounds like a great deal until you realize how much they are charging over a 2 year contract. Let’s continue with my example.

I could have bought a less expensive phone but I liked the HTC EVO Shift because I had owned that phone before with my previous carrier and I was used to it. So I paid $399 for my phone. Plus, I had to pay a $120 early termination fee to cancel my service with my previous carrier.

So I paid approximately $520 to switch to Lightyear Wireless. Why you might ask? Good question, so let’s look at the numbers.

With Lightyear Wireless I was going to pay $59.99 a month instead of $110. That’s a savings of $50 a month. That’s $600 a year, or over a 2 year contract a savings of $1200. That means that even though I had to pay $520 to make the switch, I was going to save about $700 overall. That sounds like a pretty smart decision to me. But wait, it gets even better.

Earn an Income with Lightyear Wireless

Remember, Our Lightyear Wireless Mission isn’t just to help people save money on their cellular bill, but to make money as well.

I joined Lightyear Wireless as a representative, which means I could earn an income by showing others how to save money and make money on their cellular bills as well. And not only that, but as a representative, if I referred just 3 people to Lightyear Wireless (customers can refer 5 customers), then I could get my cell phone service for free! I was able to do that in the first month of joining Lightyear Wireless. So now I was saving $110 a month on my cellular bill. So my savings increased from $600 a year to over $1300 a year, or over $2600 over a 2 year contract!

Plus, as a representative, I could earn weekly bonus income by referring others to Lightyear Wireless, and earn a residual income month after month on my customers’ wireless bills. How many wireless companies pay you, not only on people you refer to them, but on your own wireless bill?

Is it starting to make sense why switching to Lightyear Wireless is a great decision for anyone?

And Lightyear Wireless provides the same great service I used to get with my previous carrier. And while those other carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are getting rid of UNLIMITED data plans, Lightyear Wireless lets you talk all you want, text all you want, and surf the web all you want for just $59.99 a month. It really is a no-brainer.

So check out Lightyear Wireless TODAY and make the switch. I’m glad I did!

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