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I’ve been with GVO since day one when they launched late 2009, so I’ve been promoting their products for over 3 years now. I say that because I know Joel Therien and the gang in San Antonio pretty well and they always provide top notch products, and without great products, there isn’t a great opportunity, right?

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And these are products that anyone trying to run a business online need, such as web hosting, autoresponder service, video hosting, and conferencing software.

All under one roof, and for a ridiculously affordable price compared to trying to purchase each one separately.

But here’s a MAJOR ADVANTAGE of going with GVO over the competition…

These products were built BY internet markets FOR internet marketers!

Joel has been in internet marketing for over 15 years, so he understand the problems and obstacles that we face each and every day trying to build our businesses.

GVO was built with that in mind.

And here’s the gravy…

You can also earn terrific commissions with GVO just by telling others about their products and services.

That’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve been able to earn a substantial income with GVO each and every month for the last 3 years.


The Pure Leverage Potential


I’ve told you all of that to tell you this…

I’ve never seen anything like Joel and GVO have come out with now.


pure leverage 100% commissions


That’s what I’ve earned with Pure Leverage since they launched on March 4th, 2013.

Now, is that typical of what someone would make just starting out with Pure Leverage?

No, of course not.

Like I stated earlier, I’ve been with GVO since they opened their doors in late 2009. Plus, I’ve been in internet marketing for almost 5 years now, and I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of people and build many relationships over that time that have helped me get to where I could earn this kind of money in one weeks time.

But it does demonstrate the potential that is available with Pure Leverage.

Listen. I’m not one of those so-called “gurus” out there. I’m just a regular person like you who has been trying to build an income online. And if I can do it, then anyone can.


The Pure Leverage Compensation Plan


And what makes it possible is the unbelievable compensation plan that Joel has put together for Pure Leverage members.

I don’t want to get into all the details right now about how the compensation plan works, but suffice it to say you earn 100% commissions the first month, and then 50% commissions the second month and beyond, plus a 50% matching bonus on whatever your direct referrals earn each and every month!

Just think of the power of what I just said.

Let’s use a hypothetical example. And in this example I want to use very conservative numbers. And the reason I want to do this is because I have people all the time who tell me that if they could just generate a couple of extra hundred dollars every month, that would be life changing for them. So let’s take the example of Mary.

Mary goes out and signs up 10 people. 5 purchase the basic product of Pure Leverage at $24.95. The other 5 not only purchase the basic product but also purchase the VIP product at $97. The first month, Mary makes $734.50 (10 X 24.95 = 249.50 + 97 X 5 = 485).

The next month 3 of her downline go out and sign up just 2 people each. 3 purchase just the basic product, and the other 3 purchase both the basic and the VIP products.

So now Mary earns 50% commissions on her 10 direct referrals for a total of $367.25.

But she also earns a 50% matching bonus on their earnings. She earns an additional $74.85 from the 6 members they signed up who purchased the basic product. Plus an additional $145.50 from the 3 members they signed up who purchased the VIP product. So Mary’s total earnings the second month would be $587.60.

And that’s using pretty conservative numbers.

Again, I don’t know how hard you will work to achieve your goals, so no income levels can ever be guaranteed. But as Joel likes to say, your only real task is to drive traffic to your Pure Leverage sales funnel, and the system takes care of the rest.


Pure Leverage even teaches you how to drive traffic to your sales funnel.

As the Monkees song says “I’m a Believer”.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Join my team today, and write your own story with Pure Leverage.

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