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A few years ago Dave was living in a van, absolutely broke, and no hope in sight. But today he generates millions in revenue and he wants to share his insights with you. In these videos he reveals his secret “8 Step Formula” that allowed him to do the following:

checkmark._16_redPersonally sponsor more than 4,000 PAID affiliates in different companies and opportunities (without picking up the phone)

checkmark._16_redGrow businesses with over 15.500 PAID customers in less than 75 days

checkmark._16_redPay affiliates more than 1.2 million dollars per month starting with the first month of the Empower Network

checkmark._16_redAnd much more

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Here’s what you’ll learn in future bootcamp videos:

Bootcamp Day 2: “Traffic, Cash Flow & Power… Kung Fu Style…”

Bootcamp Day 3: “The Mystical Magical Key To Success…”

Bootcamp Day 4: “The ‘Lazy Man’s’ Guide To Extracting Money From Google…”

Bootcamp Day 5: “Offline Marketing Strategies That Don’t Suck…”

Bootcamp Day 6: “Respect, Influence and the Empower Triangle…”

This video series bootcamp will show you how to take any business you are involved with and ramp it up so you can be successful the way you always thought you could be.

All you’ve lacked is knowledge.

But here it is, perfectly explained in a simple concise manner by one of the best marketers online today.


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