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Just Launched…Leased Ad Space!

Leased Ad Space Delivers Quality Traffic

leased ad space delivers

Finally, one of the best traffic generation systems online I have ever seen, has now been launched, Leased Ad Space.

Instantly reach more visitors online, and dramatically increase your daily website traffic using our advanced viral traffic system.

The Leased Ad Space platform delivers real traffic, and every single person or business trying to make money online needs website traffic.

Without traffic your business is dead in the water!

No tricks. No gimmicks.

Don’t waste your precious time bidding on keywords or hunting down traffic sites that only deliver junk traffic.

Our system is simple, fast, and effective.

For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet.

Plus… all traffic purchasers get a permanent public profile page where they can post their own content to at any time.

This is a brand new traffic generating site that will literally blow your socks off!

Earn 100% Commissions with Leased Ad Space

There is a huge commission opportunity built in as well that will get you paid instant 100% commissions.

Get your website traffic now, and take advantage of everything Leased Ad Space has to offer.

You will be utterly amazed!

Here are the reasons why I absolutely love this!

1) It pays 100% instant commissions!

2) You can email the entire Leased Ad Space customer base for only a $7 one-time payment, forever!

3) No monthly subscriptions.

4) Unique 8×7 matrix pay plan that earns you faster than any pay plan online.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to join programs such Clixsense, or Four Corners Alliance in its very beginning?

Just imagine how large your downline and income would be today..?

This could very well be like that. Built to last and designed for the members!

Don’t hesitate – grab your Leased Ad Space spot today!

To your success,
Gary Chappelle

Email Profits Is Here

Imagine sending an email each day and earning commissions each and every time you do.

It isn’t a pipe dream.

It’s real.


Here’s a screenshot of my latest earnings.


How does it work?

You send out an email each day that is provided for you. When someone clicks on the link in your email, YOU get paid. They don’t even have to buy anything. You get paid just for the click.

They even provide the subscribers you send the email to.

So you literally just have to send one email a day, and you earn.

It’s incredible.

Join the Email Syndicate now and earn $100 within your first 24 hours.

For more information see the Income Disclaimer.

UPDATE: Here are my latest earnings. In a week I’ve earned over another $40 just sending email every day!

email syndicate earningsUPDATE: Another 2 weeks has passed and I’ve earned almost another $100 just sending email every day!


UPDATE: Another week has passed and I’ve earned almost another $80 just sending email every day! This thing is really starting to crank now.

the emal syndicate

UPDATE: Hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo so I thought it was time to give another update. I joined this business back in mid-February. So in less than 3 months I am up to earning $20/day. Yesterday was a new high at $22.20. That’s $600 a month in earnings just emailing every day. This is the easiest system I have ever been involved with and as long as you realize that you will start off slow (earning $2 to $3 a day), and then build over time (earning more and more each day the longer you build your business), then this is for you.

Email Syndicate Commissions


We Recommend Online Sales Pro to Build Your Traffic Authority Business

Why Online Sales Pro?

online sales pro

The Online Sales Pro Team has built us a custom funnel just for our Traffic Authority Business. But why use this funnel system instead of the funnels that are provided by Traffic Authority?

That’s a very good question. And here is the answer.

Our Online Sales Pro System comes with a very powerful mobile app that allows you to immediately TEXT or Email your lead as they are moving through the system. Online Sales Pro alerts you when you have a new lead. And then the system notifies you when they provide their phone number. At that point, you open up the app, locate your new lead, tap on their phone number, and then send them a text introducing yourself and offering to help them with their business.

Not many systems out there allow you to add that human touch. And it makes a HUGE difference in the success of your business.

You can even call your leads if you prefer. Or, if you prefer, you can send them an email.

Online Sales Pro Autoresponder Integration

One of the great features with our Online Sales Pro funnel system is that once the leads comes in and you contact them either via text, email, or by phone, you really don’t need to do anything else. The system will automatically follow up with your leads to convert them to sales.

The Online Sales Pro Team has a professional copywriter who creates the emails sent to your leads to get them to move through the funnel and then join your team. The cost of having a copywriter create these emails is substantial, but it’s included in the cost of the system. You don’t even need to send the emails. This is done automatically on your behalf.

However, if you prefer to capture your own leads, you can easily integrate your autoresponder with the system. Since GetResponse is the autoresponder we currently use with Traffic Authority, you simply add your API code and your campaign name, and your leads are captured in Getresponse. You can then follow up with your leads yourself if you prefer.

I would recommend you do this since these leads are yours after all and you want to be able to build a relationship with them over time and perhaps monetize them in the future even if they choose not to join you in Online Sales Pro or Traffic Authority.

What About Traffic Authority?

traffic authoritySo how does the Online Sales Pro System promote your Traffic Authority business?

Well, that’s the beauty with this funnel system. Because what this system does is promote Traffic Authority without really promoting it.


I know. That doesn’t seem to make sense at all, does it? But let me explain.

Several years ago I began my first online adventure by promoting a business called ACME People Search started by my good friend Tissa Godavitarne. In fact, Tissa did a really nice testimonial for our Team Site.

ACME People Search provided free people searches to anyone who wanted to look up others online by offering a web site that provided that service. Today, there are a lot of people search services. But this wasn’t the case when Tissa started ACME People Search. Also, the companies that did exist back then were charging for the people search service, and ACME People Search offered it for free.

ACME People Search was also an affiliate program and allowed people like me to offer my own free people searches online. But in order to get the web site up and running, one would have to purchase web hosting. Built into ACME People Search were a couple of different web hosting companies that allowed you to join as an affiliate and earn commissions.

So, when someone would join me to start their own ACME People Search web site, they would then purchase web hosting, and I would earn a commission.

I wasn’t really promoting the web hosting. I was promoting the ACME People Search business. But people would purchase the web hosting to get their ACME People Search business online.

So I was earning commissions by offering web hosting even though I wasn’t really promoting web hosting.

Does that make sense?

The same strategy applies with Online Sales Pro and Traffic Authority.

We are offering a lead generation funnel system with Online Sales Pro, and then educating prospects on the fact that to build their business they need people to see what they are offering. One of the ways to get people to see what they are offering is to purchase traffic.

Promote the Retail Side of Traffic Authority

traffic authority lead packages

And that is when we introduce our Traffic Authority packages.

You see, most people are trying to promote Traffic Authority as an affiliate business, and that’s a crowded market place. So the smart thing to do is promote the retail side of Traffic Authority, which are the traffic packages themselves.

This is smart for a number of reasons.

First, is that the market place is a lot smaller as we mentioned above. But secondly, we have a product (the traffic packages), that provide real value in the market place. People need traffic.

And thirdly, it always looks good to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) when a company is selling a lot of their product, versus just trying to get people to join a business opportunity. The FTC tends to frown on companies that are just bringing people into a business, but not actually selling product.

And the funnel system does all of this for you without you lifting a finger.

What could be simpler? And it works!

So if you want to build your Traffic Authority business, then join Online Sales Pro today.


Total Financial Freedom in 6-12 Weeks?

Is Financial Freedom Just a Pipe Dream?

Okay, hold onto your hat because I’m about to tell you something that, frankly, I know is going to sound too good to be true. In fact,  I’ve heard myself say this at least fifty times and even to me, it sounds ridiculous.

You see, I have been working online since 2008, and I have seen a lot of success. But the problem that I have always seen in this online industry is that it is very difficult to find a business where there is easy duplication. And that has always bothered me. I could have success, but most of the people I was bringing in were not. I was painting a picture for people of financial freedom for them and their loved ones, but then they’d run into obstacles, and rather than try to overcome those obstacles, it was easier for them to quit.

Unfortunately, that’s just human nature. Even though people want financial freedom in their life, they don’t like pain and usually they will choose anything that alleviates that pain. In business, it’s the same way for most people. Rather than try to fix whatever is wrong with their business, they’d rather just throw in the towel. That’s why only about 3% of people who start a home business, actually find success.

But I recently came across a business model that is such a no-brainer, that just anyone can start this business and find success. If it weren’t for the simple fact that I’ve experienced the results myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it if you told me what I’m about to tell you.

There’s a Sleeping Giant out there that was just discovered and nobody else knows about it yet.

In a nutshell…

It’s a very lucrative… No… Insanely lucrative (if that’s even a word) income opportunity that’s been flying under the radar for over a year.

And it’s so easy that it’s going to piss you off when you find out you’ve been missing out on this thing.

So, here it is…

You ready?

Maybe you should sit down first.

Okay, here goes…

Financial Freedom Just Got Easier

There’s a completely legit, legal and ethical system out there that will turn a one-time purchase of Less than $20 into $10k, $30k or even more than $100k in just 6 to 12 weeks.

And here’s the kicker…

The products offered are products everyone NEEDS… FINANCIAL EDUCATION!

So not only can you build a successful business, but the products will teach you what to do with your success, and how to protect the income you earn with it. From real estate investing, precious metals investing, retirement planning, and more, you will learn the financial education you need to build your income empire.


I told you it sounded crazy.

It’s okay if you think that right now.

I did, too, at first.

But like any sane person, I took the bait and jumped in with both feet.

Heck, it’s less than $20. Where’s the risk? There isn’t any.

Crazy sounding or not, you would have to be insane NOT to check this out.

Click Here for Financial Freedom

If you’re screaming out loud a week from now, don’t worry… I’ll know why.

Everyone Wants Financial Freedom

Here’s the secret to your success…

Everyone wants financial freedom.

So all you have to do is just tell everyone you know about this business. So where you may not have wanted to tell your family and friends about other businesses you may have been involved with, this one is different.

It’s less than $20. It’s a one-time payment!

Who can’t afford that to start a business that can produce the kinds of results it offers?

And then, we show you how to build a traffic-generating machine so that you can attract people you don’t even know to your business. Financial Freedom is easier than you think.

Just sign up below and you’ll soon receive an email to our Team Site where we provide you exclusive access to our marketing resources (Landing Pages, Email Copy, and Done-For-You Traffic Sources).


4corners financial freedom


Gary Chappelle
“Financial Freedom is a Reality”

Technical Terms, Acronyms, and Jargon…

Technical Terms, Acronyms, and Jargon…Oh My!

I found this video humorous because I remember what it was like when I worked in the Information Technology field, and people would carry on long conversations using language like this. Even though I understood it, I often wondered what people on the outside thought of it.

It had to sound like a foreign language.

Have you ever run across a situation like this, where you didn’t have a clue of what was being spoken most of the time?

 Gary Chappelle
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