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Local Business Marketing & You

Have you ever thought about starting your own local business marketing company?

If you’re like a LOT of people I know, probably not.

But if you’ve been on the internet for awhile you probably have some skills that you’ve acquired over time that you didn’t even realize you had added to your arsenal.

Can you setup WordPress blogs?

Do you have basic HTML skills?

Do you know how to build backlinks?

Can you write articles and publish them to sites like Ezine Articles?

Do you use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook?

You probably know much more about the internet than the “average joe”.

In my case, I became recognized worldwide as an SEO Expert because I had to learn other ways of driving targeted traffic to my web sites after I got “Google slapped” several years ago. People then sought me out for my expertise, and after using SEO for myself, I finally decided to use my skills to help others.

How I Jumped to Local Business Marketing

I decided to turn my passion and love for SEO, and other internet skills, into a real brick and mortar local business marketing company.

As an affiliate and network marketer for a number of years, it’s a different mentality to think of  starting a real business and working one-on-one with actual people. We’re often geared to thinking of making money hiding behind our computer and NEVER having to deal with people face-to-face.

But I quickly learned that local business owners are desperate for help in getting more customers, especially in this economy, and I could help them achieve that!

And YOU can do the same thing…

Even if you don’t have any internet skills!


Let me explain.

We all know that local business marketing is HOT right now, right? And…

Social networking is just as HOT, right?

Well, my friend and mentor Tissa Godavitarne has created a platform that combines both of these into one.

It’s called

And what it allows you to do is create Facebook Fan Gates and Coupons for local businesses.

Coupons and Local Business Marketing

Local businesses love coupon advertising.

Have you ever received coupons in the mail?

Val-Pak, SavvyShopper, TheHomeMag are just a few of the companies that provide offline coupon advertising for local businesses. That should prove how much local businesses rely on coupon advertising for their business.

But here is where shines above the others.

Local businesses can use the viral nature of Facebook to spread their marketing message using the exact same deals they currently are promoting with those offline coupon companies.

And YOU can offer it to them!

But how do you do that?

Tissa and I recently appeared on Mark Call’s Radio Show to discuss and local business marketing.


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