We Recommend Online Sales Pro to Build Your Traffic Authority Business

Why Online Sales Pro?

online sales pro

The Online Sales Pro Team has built us a custom funnel just for our Traffic Authority Business. But why use this funnel system instead of the funnels that are provided by Traffic Authority?

That’s a very good question. And here is the answer.

Our Online Sales Pro System comes with a very powerful mobile app that allows you to immediately TEXT or Email your lead as they are moving through the system. Online Sales Pro alerts you when you have a new lead. And then the system notifies you when they provide their phone number. At that point, you open up the app, locate your new lead, tap on their phone number, and then send them a text introducing yourself and offering to help them with their business.

Not many systems out there allow you to add that human touch. And it makes a HUGE difference in the success of your business.

You can even call your leads if you prefer. Or, if you prefer, you can send them an email.

Online Sales Pro Autoresponder Integration

One of the great features with our Online Sales Pro funnel system is that once the leads comes in and you contact them either via text, email, or by phone, you really don’t need to do anything else. The system will automatically follow up with your leads to convert them to sales.

The Online Sales Pro Team has a professional copywriter who creates the emails sent to your leads to get them to move through the funnel and then join your team. The cost of having a copywriter create these emails is substantial, but it’s included in the cost of the system. You don’t even need to send the emails. This is done automatically on your behalf.

However, if you prefer to capture your own leads, you can easily integrate your autoresponder with the system. Since GetResponse is the autoresponder we currently use with Traffic Authority, you simply add your API code and your campaign name, and your leads are captured in Getresponse. You can then follow up with your leads yourself if you prefer.

I would recommend you do this since these leads are yours after all and you want to be able to build a relationship with them over time and perhaps monetize them in the future even if they choose not to join you in Online Sales Pro or Traffic Authority.

What About Traffic Authority?

traffic authoritySo how does the Online Sales Pro System promote your Traffic Authority business?

Well, that’s the beauty with this funnel system. Because what this system does is promote Traffic Authority without really promoting it.


I know. That doesn’t seem to make sense at all, does it? But let me explain.

Several years ago I began my first online adventure by promoting a business called ACME People Search started by my good friend Tissa Godavitarne. In fact, Tissa did a really nice testimonial for our Team Site.

ACME People Search provided free people searches to anyone who wanted to look up others online by offering a web site that provided that service. Today, there are a lot of people search services. But this wasn’t the case when Tissa started ACME People Search. Also, the companies that did exist back then were charging for the people search service, and ACME People Search offered it for free.

ACME People Search was also an affiliate program and allowed people like me to offer my own free people searches online. But in order to get the web site up and running, one would have to purchase web hosting. Built into ACME People Search were a couple of different web hosting companies that allowed you to join as an affiliate and earn commissions.

So, when someone would join me to start their own ACME People Search web site, they would then purchase web hosting, and I would earn a commission.

I wasn’t really promoting the web hosting. I was promoting the ACME People Search business. But people would purchase the web hosting to get their ACME People Search business online.

So I was earning commissions by offering web hosting even though I wasn’t really promoting web hosting.

Does that make sense?

The same strategy applies with Online Sales Pro and Traffic Authority.

We are offering a lead generation funnel system with Online Sales Pro, and then educating prospects on the fact that to build their business they need people to see what they are offering. One of the ways to get people to see what they are offering is to purchase traffic.

Promote the Retail Side of Traffic Authority

traffic authority lead packages

And that is when we introduce our Traffic Authority packages.

You see, most people are trying to promote Traffic Authority as an affiliate business, and that’s a crowded market place. So the smart thing to do is promote the retail side of Traffic Authority, which are the traffic packages themselves.

This is smart for a number of reasons.

First, is that the market place is a lot smaller as we mentioned above. But secondly, we have a product (the traffic packages), that provide real value in the market place. People need traffic.

And thirdly, it always looks good to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) when a company is selling a lot of their product, versus just trying to get people to join a business opportunity. The FTC tends to frown on companies that are just bringing people into a business, but not actually selling product.

And the funnel system does all of this for you without you lifting a finger.

What could be simpler? And it works!

So if you want to build your Traffic Authority business, then join Online Sales Pro today.


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