After Zeek Rewards Avoid Reload Scams

Reload Scams Give Network Marketing a Bad Name

Reload Scams Hurt IndustryIt’s bad enough what the shutdown of Zeek Rewards did to the image of network marketing. But now we have another problem on our hands.

There are companies out there, some of them quite large, that are actively promoting to former Zeek affiliates. They have actually created landing pages designed specifically for Zeek affiliates, and are offering special incentives to join, such as free memberships or free placements in their organization depending on how high up they were in Zeek Rewards.

Some have argued that this is a good thing because it’s people in the industry trying to reach out and help other people in the industry who have been hurt by Zeek.

I would beg to differ.

These are vultures trying to prey on the “victims” of a massive ponzi scheme, perhaps the largest in history! I put “victims” in quotes because I don’t want to entirely remove responsibility of one doing their own due diligence and knowing what they are getting involved with when they invest in a business, whether it be investing with time and/or money.

There were plenty of “red flags” out there that Zeek Rewards was a troubled business model if people would have taken the time and effort to examine all the information available online, from resources like “BehindMLM” or “PatrickPretty“.

But regardless, many Zeek Rewards affiliates are hurting today. And many of them are vulnerable to these Reload Scams.

Don’t Fall Victim to Reload Scams

The Department of Justice has released a statement urging people not to fall victim to Reload Scams.

This is good advice.

I’ve heard some people say they will NEVER get involved in internet marketing again. I’ve heard others say they need to find another opportunity to replace the income they have lost with Zeek Rewards.

Both sentiments are wrong in my opinion.

While I certainly empathize with those who say they never want to be involved in internet marketing again, one shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

There is no better place to create multiple income streams to supplement or replace your current income than online. Where else can one start a business using minimal funds and then build that business over time so that they are earning substantial income?

You can’t do that with a traditional “brick and mortar” business.

And notice that I didn’t say that starting and building an online business was easy, or that earning a substantial income would happen overnight.

Anyone who has been in internet marketing for any length of time will tell you that’s not easy and achieving success takes time.

On the other hand, Zeek affiliates need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and maybe remove themselves from the online stage for awhile. Some affiliates were earning quite a substantial amount from Zeek, and are now in panic mode because that source of income has disappeared. It’s tempting to want to jump back into another business quickly in order to try to replace that missing income. There are several businesses still in existence that very much resemble the Zeek business model (one has already changed their business model overnight after what occurred to Zeek). Don’t be lured by temptation.

A Final Thought on Reload Scams

To those companies and affiliates that are specifically targeting Zeek Rewards affiliates…


Reload Scams like you are what give this business a bad name and cause people to bad mouth internet marketing in general, and more specifically network marketing, and multi-level marketing companies.

You’ve let your greed overcome your decency.

You’ve let dollar signs trump character.

There’s an old saying in this business…

Help people get what they want out of life, and you will get what you want out of life.

And what people who have been hurt by Zeek Rewards, or other businesses out there, need right now is empathy, compassion, and understanding.

They just need a listening ear.


The shutdown of Zeek Rewards is just another black eye for our industry. But these reload scams are not doing anything to let it heal.

So if you’re a part of this internet marketing community that we belong to then speak up. It’s up to us to clean this mess up and try to restore some sense of reliability and trust to our profession.


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