Meet Cheap and ViralWebcaster a Winning Combination

ViralWebcaster and Meet Cheap Combine

for LIVE Facebook WebinarsViralWebcaster for LIVE Facebook Webinars

On a recent Maverick Money Wizard post YOU can read about ViralWebcaster and how it can truly help you drive targeted traffic to your Facebook page by building “natural” backlinks to your page.

But what I want to talk about here is how doing LIVE webinars on your Facebook page with ViralWebcaster can attract more leads and build your list for whatever it is you want to promote via Facebook.

This is accomplished using several viral features that are built into ViralWebcaster.

Viral Features of ViralWebcaster

The first feature is an “invite” feature where you can offer your webinar guests a free offer for inviting a certain number of people to your webcast. The offer is prominently displayed right above your video screen and is a great incentive to have your guests invite others. The system automatically keeps track of their invites, and if the people they invite do indeed attend the webinar, then the offer is unlocked and your guests can then download it.

The second feature is done behind the scenes but is a fantastic way to build your list. When someone attends the webcast they have to first allow Facebook to let them attend, and this acceptance not only gives them access to your Facebook page, but it also adds their Facebook email address to your autoresponder. This is where Meet Cheap comes in because it is GVO’s autoresponder service via Meet Cheap that is utilized during this process.

The great thing about capturing someone’s email address via Facebook is that the email address is already verified by Facebook as being real so you never have to worry about someone providing a bogus address.

Think of the power of this!

You’ve probably heard it said many times that the “money is in the list”. There’s good reason for that. This seamless process done automatically for you allows you to follow up with your leads if they didn’t take action after watching your presentation. Since most people don’t take action with the first opportunity, this gives you the ability to try again, which is where most sales occur.

And the third viral feature of ViralWebcaster is the ability to add a link where you want your leads to go after the presentation. In fact, there is a timer associated with the presentation of the link that you can set during the webcast. So for instance, if you had a 30 minute presentation, you may not want to display your link until 20 minutes into the webinar when it would automagically appear right below your webcast screen. This is very useful since you want to guide your guests to why they want to take action without tipping your hand as to what you are offering right from the beginning. This provides you the opportunity to explain why your guests need what you are offering before you ever show them. Otherwise, they might not stick around to hear what you have to say if they can just click on the link to see what it is you are going to talk about.

ViralWebcaster Also Does Recorded Presentations

We’ve listed 3 POWERFUL viral features of ViralWebcaster, but there is one more feature that I want to cover before we wrap this up.

We’ve mentioned the ability to do LIVE webcasts on Facebook, but you can also do prerecorded videos. This is awesome if you don’t particularly care to do LIVE webcasts yourself but have a video you’d like your guests to be able to watch. Most businesses have videos available for the products they sell, so you could load up one of those using Meet Cheap and have it displayed via ViralWebcaster right on your Facebook page. Or, if you prefer, you could create a video yourself ahead of time or have one outsourced for whatever opportunity you wish to present. There are a lot of different ways to use ViralWebcaster to increase the leads for your business.

ViralWebcaster will be launching soon and the good news you can get in on the early-bird list to be notified when it launches.

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